Friday, April 16, 2010

Indianucky or Kentuckiana?

I'm dividing my time these days between Southern Indiana and Owensboro, KY. Recently I started working with a radio station in Owensboro and I absolutely love it.

The kids and I have settled into Indiana really well. Spring is here and it seems as though life is beginning to calm down. Well, sort of. Ha!

The girls are in the high school production of Wizard of Oz. They are both munchkins and jitterbugs. Their opening night is tonight. I've been dividing my time between children, work and painting sets for the play. I painted about 100 feet of Yellow Brick Road one night. ACK!

Jon and I are doing well. Still friends, nothing more, but in some respects, I think that's better for now. We've had a few nights out, and a few nights in... but overall, when we do go anywhere, he introduces me as "his best friend in the entire world"... and when other people assume I'm his "old lady", he doesn't correct them. At this point, I'm just thrilled to be able to hang out with him so much more. Everyone knows by the look on my face that I love the man, and I'm fairly sure it's apparent in his eyes too that he loves me. But officially, we're friends.

I ended up having a long heart to heart a few weeks back with his stepmother, though that was an unintentional conversation. She started it. LOL... but it was something that made me really appreciate her for noticing... and I have to admit that I love living in Indiana. The kids enjoy their school and their new friends. They're happy and I am happy because I love my job and I feel like for the first time in years I have the opportunity to really be financially secure again. Including roots being put down.

Jon and I went out Tuesday night for a little bit, I had been all tuckered out with Wizard of Oz practice and he offered to take me out for a couple drinks. I was TOTALLY game! I had been at this job long enough that we hadn't seen much of each other for a while and it was nice to catch up.

I had put in an offer on a house in Christmas Lake Village, and had found out earlier in the day that the owner liked my offer but had been relocated BACK to the area, so he was going to move back into that house himself again. I was bummed, but mentioned that I guess things just worked out the way they were supposed to. When I told Jon about not getting the house, he just told me to be patient and that he knew how badly I wanted to settle into something, but that I was doing everything right to work towards my goals, and eventually it would all work out.

Even though I know I'm doing everything "right", it was really nice to hear it from someone else, and even better for that someone else to be him while he was sitting next to me and looking me in the eyes and touching my arm. Kind of made me almost a bit teary eyed.

The other thing we talked about, aside from our constant state of "friendship", was his dad. Jon mentioned that his father took up the cause for me earlier in the week, even without my knowledge. I ran into his dad at Jon's house when I was dropping off pet store supplies I picked up for him on the way out of town, and his father noticed... and while dropping it off, I caught a little sideways grin/smirk from Jon's face as well.

After I left, they had a little conversation about me that went along the lines of Jon's dad telling him, "You'd better treat that girl right. She's a good one." and "Don't mess that up" and "We like her and the kids a lot"... among other compliments. I believe he mentioned that his father said "She really cares for you a lot" in there too. Again, plain to see and anyone who talks to me will end up getting an earful of how much I love that man eventually... but it was really nice 1. for his dad to say it and 2. for him to tell me all the good things his dad had to say about me.

I got a vote of approval from the parental units.

I'm really happy about that.

Jon and I also had a wonderful night together, curling up again with one another, even shared a quick kiss. Those have gotten more frequent in the past few weeks.

This very slow advancement of our relationship status is absolutely a-ok with me. I know he's my best friend and I am his. I know I love him and he loves me. What else could I possibly need? Nothing, really... the only thing I want is to be able to yell it from the rooftops that he's MINE. That can be an eventual thing... I'm proud to love him, and all I want to do is begin to build our family unit together. Begin to build our future together. And I know that's exactly what we're currently doing by moving very slow through this. I am happy about it.

So tonight I am going to watch my girls perform in the Wizard of Oz, and a part of me will smile to think about how after three years of wanting to live in this area, I finally clicked my ruby red heels three times... and I am now home.